New Book Available Now: Hymns to the Deathless

New Book Available Now

Written for feminists by a female practitioner of the Left Hand Path who through devotion to self and a connection to nature has transcended the need for ideologies which ultimately deceive the individual, Hymns to the Deathless is part poetical expression, part devotion, and part ritual work.

This poetry book is intended to foster the dark side of the feminine, to break down barriers and shed old and new prejudices imposed upon women by fostering a new dark spirituality of individuality and freedom closely intertwined with the forces of the kosmos.

Paperback US$ 16.89

195 pages

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Expect Soon: Interview with Sabyrah Giron y Peralta

Experimental Literature: Blackest Ever Hole

Blackest Ever Hole Book Cover

While the post-modern mindset has brought in its train many despicable attitudes bordering on the fraudulent, and modernity itself is riddled if not defined by confusion, pain and dejection, there is nothing better the modern artist can do but to know and embrace those traits they have inherited as a member of this era. Brian O’blivion’s Blackest Ever Hole is the first title by gnOme books, an “acephalic” and “secret press specializing in the publication of anonymous, pseudepigraphical, and apocryphal works from the past, present, and future.”

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Sadotantra: Dark Night of the Sound

Scatmother Sadotantra 2020

A prayer of the void within a form of insanity, Scatmother returns in 2020 with a new LP, Sadotantra. Evolving past the classic power electronics noise music techniques consisting of layered feedback rows and distorted shouts, Scatmother gives us arrangements of noises with an aural narrative of authentic desperation that turns into metaphysical destruction. If the ulterior effect of Sadotantra were in doubt, the lyrical concepts in the titles and lyrics should provide the full picture: “Death Salute 108”, “Brahma Shakti”, “The Birth of a New Consciousness”, “Funeral Pyre Agapé.” The very foundation and aim, the beginning and end of the work has to do with modern methods of psychological and metaphysical development through harshness.

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